1. Indonesia is one of the world’s biggest democracy, or at least it was one of them before our soon-to-be ex President took away the direct voting for provincial heads (governors).

    Now, a lot of people in my circle talk about it, expresses their concerns, anger, dissappointment and sometimes just pure rage. I did to, but for some people I am not talking enough about it especially with the kind of influence that I (apparently) have on social media.

    First of all, I am not that influential and I’m genuinely not being modest about this.

    Second, I don’t know anything about politics, state regulations, nor I know what are these politicians thinking.

    I am a techie, that’s what I love to do and I aim to strive and be the best at what I do. For now, that’s all I’m going to be doing.

    So does that mean I don’t care about my country. You’re absolutely right, I don’t give the slightest fuck about my country. But I do care about my fellow Indonesians, my countrymen, who is sitting next to me (metaphorically) working our asses off for a better lives, a better future for our kids.

    For all I care, those politicians can donwhatever the fuck they wanna do to this country, they can bring it down to the ground. Indonesia may fall, but Indonesians will survive. We always do. We’ll find a way to survive and rebuild

    So, what am I doing about this whole fucked up situation where our democracy is in jeopardy? We all know the cause, it’s all about the money. Politicians get greedy, and will sacrifice their pride, family, country and god for money.

    So this is what I am doing: get filthy fucking rich. Money ruins nations, money also build nations.

    Whatever you do, be the best at it. Work your way up, way to the top where you will have a strong position to make a real impact. That’s how you do things, because the people who ruins nations work their way up all the way to the regulator seat before they can actually make an impact.

    If you want to kill one person, you can do it on the ground face to face. But if you want to bomb a whole city, you gotta get really high to drop that bomb. Sorry, I can’t think of a better analogy but I’m sure you catch my drift.

    Don’t like my approach? Fine with me. You can get back to tweeting one million times and asks millions other people to do the same thing to get to Twitter’s trending page and see how that helps.

    It does help, I know. At least it makes people feel better for contributing for a better cause, even if it’s only via twitter.

  2. People expect consistency.

    People don’t like it when you changed your mind, even for the slightest second. And sometime they’re right, it is annoying to see someone changed their mind.

    But here’s the thing: Things change, people learn, situations evolve.

    With more information being put into our brains, we might change our mind about something. We might say something and change our mind seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years later because we have more information than we previously had.

    I agree, sometimes being inconsistent is annoying. But consistency is definitely overrated.

  3. All my life I’ve been dealing with technology. Since the day my dad introduced me to computers and programming when I was 7 years old, until I have two kids of my own now 22 years later, technology has helped the world moves forward and me grow as a person.

    But there’s always that one day where you rely your whole life in technology, and almost like bad joke, technology just drops the ball and fails you. It’s like it does it in purpose.

    Today is one of those days.

    I’m travelling to Medan for 3 days, attending a small conference/meetup that lasts from 9am to 5pm on the second day. I also have a deadline to send a complete proposal to a client latest at 3pm the second day. So being a pre-cautious guy that I am, I prepared and sent all the documents the night on the first day, leaving more than 15 hours before the deadline. I was feeling good about myself when I went to bed. First day was done, and I’ve done my homework leaving lots of time to spare.

    Fast forward on the second day, I was sitting inside the conference room with my laptop in front of me. I own a 15” Macbook Pro running Sparrow, a very popular alternative mail client among Mac users. The same app I use to consume hundreds of emails every single day, also the same app I used to send the proposal to my client the night before.

    The internet at the conference room was close to worst, but at least I am connected although tweets and mails would arrive 10 minutes after I received the same email on my 3G-connected phone.

    As I tinker with my laptop while listening to the speaker on stage, I accidentally click on Sparrow’s “Sent” folder. I guess you can imagine how I feel when I didn’t see the email I was supposed to sent to my client the night before on the “Sent” folder. I assume that the internet was so bad that maybe the folder is not yet updated, so I refreshed. Three time. Still not there. 

    Next logical step, of course, is to open the “Draft” folder. My jaw dropped when I found the email just sitting there with the status “Pending”. And there’s a “Uploading…” status bar that was stuck at 90%. I was trying my best not to curse inside that conference room. “Fuck!!”, I screamed in my head. That’s the best I could do. 

    Frantic to death, I tried to refresh that folder hoping that it would trigger sending the message, finishing the other 10%. It didn’t move for 10 mins. 

    Next thing I did was to connect my laptop to my phone via wifi tether, because my 3G connection was more than decent, it was actually faster than the 3G network in Jakarta. Right after I connect my laptop to my phone via Wifi tether, my Redmi 1S pulls out the battery low notification, showing it at 3% battery power left. I did remember seeing the 10% and 5% battery left notifications a few minutes before but I ignored it somehow.

    I tried to push my phone to its limit, knowing that the tether will drain the battery, I didn’t care and I refreshed the website. 30 seconds after I connected and refreshed the mail client, I received a text message from the telco that I subscribed to, saying that my 5.5 GB monthly quota just ran out. 

    What. The. Fuck.

    Mind. Blown.

    "This is one of those days", I said to myself, hopelessly looking at all these tech around me that (it seemed to) conspires to fail me. I couldn’t get out of the conference, since I am supposed to be on stage in a few minutes. I was supposed to get on stage at 2pm, one hour before the 3pm deadline and I can’t even sit in front of my laptop.

    I’m not a control-crazed guy, but it sucks to feel like your hands are tied, helpless, not in control. “It’s a humbling experience”, is what most motivators would say. “It fucking sucks” is what I would say.

    However resentful I was feeling, that acts like a good reminder on how technology can sometime fails. Technology, regardless how perfect they may be, is created and built by humans. And humans are not perfect. I might not consider it as a “humbling” experience, but it certainly feels like one.


Rama Mamuaya

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